Providing Content Marketing Insights to Help Startups with Customer Acquisition

BunchCast Team

Oct 25th, 2013


content marketing insights - BunchCast-Blog
BunchCast was built as a solution to help bloggers during the entire content creation process: providing insights through discovery, helping format content, curating pieces from social networks, and finally, distributing content. 
After experimenting our solution with bloggers, we are now focusing on helping startups. Big corporations have been working on content marketing strategies to deliver interesting content to their customers online, as well as offline. Content marketing can be used for customer acquisition, engagement, customer loyalty, lead generation and lead nurturing. 

The case of startups is a bit special. Once they find a problem to work on and deliver a solution to fix said problem, they need to work on customer acquisition to demonstrate Product/Market Fit. On many markets, content marketing can be a good channel to acquire customers.

To help startups with content marketing, we are now posting weekly articles and publishing the new BunchCast Blog subtitled content marketing insights
From now on, our articles will support Facebook comments to help us gather your feedback on our content and start new relationships with people who need our help.
I'm going to ask you to contact us on twitter @BunchCast and/or @sMorac or leave a comment right here to introduce yourself, ask a question or make any remark on the blog. I look forward to hearing about you and knowing you better.
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Stephane Moracchini, Co-founder at BunchCast, 
Editor for BunchCast Blog - content marketing insights