Join BunchCast as Content Marketing Manager and Be Part of the Founding Team

BunchCast Team

Nov 25th, 2013


Come help us!
We are BunchCast, a startup looking to reinvent how people create content on the web. We’ve already built a blogging platform which lets you do a lot of cool things like including content directly from social medias, or creating slideshows in a few clicks. Using what we’ve learned on blogging, we're now helping companies with content marketing. In particular, we help startups listen to their audience and create valuable content to engage with them. Our future product will help these startups find ideas of valuable content and reduce the time needed to produce that content.

As we’re rapidly growing our professional services and our customers, we’re looking for someone to join us as a founding partner. 
If you are a talented content marketing manager, you might be the perfect match to complete our founding team. You will produce great content to bring value to our customers and help grow BunchCast brand awareness and reputation.

You’ll need some experience as a professional writer in content marketing and copywriting and you‘ll be familiar with the content marketing services ecosystem. 

You’ll understand how to leverage content marketing to drive brand awareness and impact customer acquisition.

More importantly, you’ll relish the opportunity of working in a new environment where you create the rules and where your creativity and enthusiasm are given the room to grow. 

Skills / Qualities

- Comfortable in a lean startup, and data-driven environment 
- Experience as a professional writer 
- Experience working on content marketing 
- Experience in marketing 
- English native speaker 

Key Responsibilities

- Develop and manage BunchCast’s brand as the experts in content marketing 
- Drive the content marketing strategy 
- Develop communities around the brand including marketers and professional writers 
- Generate leads and gather insights for customer development 
- Develop our services for startups to drive customer acquisition  

What we offer 

- Significant equity 
- Competitive salary after funding (2014) 
- Being part of a great adventure 
- Fun! Working in a unique French/American/UK environment 
If you are (or can recommend someone) matching that profile and interested, get in touch in the comments below or via twitter @BunchCast. 
You can also send us an email at