5 Tips to Improve Your Content Distribution and Gain Authority

BunchCast Team

Sep 19th, 2013


Content Distribution
Content marketing is essential for learning more about your target audience and to bring it value. However, without a good content distribution strategy, your engagement and customer acquisition metrics will not be impacted.
Let's take a look at some techniques which you can use to improve distribution, get more traffic, and gain authority in your industry.

Using Photos or Illustrations

When publishing a new article, you should always find a visual to go along with your content. On Facebook, LinkedIn, and now even on Twitter, your link will be displayed with a title, a description, and your visual. The more original the visual, the more chances you will get to trigger the click of your potential reader. The success of Instagram caused an increase of photo sharing on social networks. Even worse, those photos are excessively saturated and more likely to stand out. To catch the eye of your reader, you will need to choose your visual wisely. Some websites are even starting to measure what dominant color will get you more clicks.

Share on Facebook as Images

Once you chose a good visual for your article, the way you share it on Facebook is important. Sharing it as an image is more efficient than using the "Share Link" button. This is simply because an image on a Facebook timeline will appear bigger than a link. Using a good text to team with the good visual will create a call to action efficient enough to get your reader to click and read your content. 

Update: This might be no longer true as Facebook has finally modified the format of link posts. For the moment, no measurement on CTR (click-through rate) for the new link layout has been published. It might have improved but we are waiting for actual data to confirm this.

Pins on Pinterest

If you have a catchy visual for your article, or if you have added an infographic (I am talking about a good one, full of valuable information, not some crap with two numbers and a million different colors), you can hook readers from Pinterest. Your visual needs to be beautiful and really go along with your topic. A pin can be much more valuable than a share on any other social network because of its lifetime. It is much easier to find and it stays on top on Pinterest for much longer if your keywords and board titles are thoroughly selected. Standards on Pinterest are more about beauty and visual impact than about freshness. For example, a quote or a famous author designed with a great typography can be efficient enough to drive shares and clicks. 

Pinterest can become essential if your business revolves around architecture, cooking, fashion or photography. This is the place to be for professionals of these industries. The importance of visual content makes it a real platform for customer acquisition.

Answers on Quora

Quora is an efficient tool for finding valuable content. Some questions get detailed answers by experts on the subject. The voting system ensures good value is always displayed at the top. Quora is now known as a place where you can find a lot of useful stuff. Being on Quora and answering questions related to your industry will help you demonstrate your skills and be more visible to people looking for content related to the topic you address on your blog. 

Update: Search engine rankings used to be higher for Quora answers but it seems that Google was not satisfied by that, considering their last algorithm update.

Slide decks on Slideshare

If your content is a list of bullet points or if the structure is clear enough, you should think about transforming it into a presentation. This format is efficient for sharing it with the world, through talks in conferences, or with your customers during consulting sessions. Once your content fits in a slide deck, you are able to put it on Slideshare to ensure the distribution. Slideshare is an important strategy to drive traffic and get better ranking on search engines. If your content is good enough, it may even be featured on their home page.
We would love to get your feedback on this article in the comments below. Do not hesitate to share the tips we have forgotten about, we will add them here and credit you for them.